Home Moving Companies – Make Your Move Easy Now!

Home-Moving-CompaniesWhen you are ready to make your move to a new home or apartment one of the most important decisions you can make is which home moving company to hire. The right home moving company will transport your personal property safely and efficiently to your new living space for a reasonable fee. The wrong company can be a potentially expensive source of stress that doesn’t deliver what they promised.

Home moving companies vary in the services they offer and the prices they charge.  Some home moving companies charge by weight or by the hour while others charge by volume. Distance also factors into the moving price as well with longer distances significantly raising the cost.

Some moving companies offer packing services as well as transportation services.  The packing services can range from boxing up an entire household of goods to packing larger pieces like furniture that are the most difficult to pack. For many people making a transition to a new home, hiring a home moving company is a convenient time saving way that results in a much smoother move.

How to Choose The Right Home Moving Company

Moving-and-StorageUnfortunately, the home moving company industry is riddled with shady dealers.  It is extremely important that you do your homework before choosing a moving company. The last thing that you want is for a home moving company that has all of your stuff hold it hostage demanding more money for miscellaneous services that they never performed, and if you don’t pay, they threaten to dump your valued belongings.  Most home moving companies employe salespeople that are commission based and will say anything to get your deposit.  In fact, you may not even be dealing with an actual moving company, but, nothing more than a broker acting as a middle man.  Listed below are some suggestions on finding a reputable home moving company.

1. Ask for referrals from Friends and Family –  The first place to find a good home moving company is from someone you know that has had a good experience with one.  Friends and Family are the best places to start your search.

2. Local Real Estate Agent- Local real estate agents are in a unique situation because they are dealing with their client’s moves on a daily basis.  The last thing a real estate agent wants is for their clients to have a bad moving experience.

3.  Local Self Storage Facility Staff –  Like real estate agents, your local self storage facility staff deals with some form of move in situation on a daily basis.  After all, one out of ten American households rents a storage unit and your local self storage facility personal are a great source for letting you know about quality home moving companies.

Quick note on the role of a self storage facility in case your move is delayed.  We suggest making phone calls to local self storage facilities in your new location.  It is a good idea to have a plan in place in case your new residence is not delivered to you on a timely basis.  Many moving companies do offer temporary storage, however, at prices that can be substantially higher than those a self storage facility.

4. Internet Search – This is this is the “breeding ground” for a lot of the bad that is associated with the moving industry.  However, it can not be ignored.  Our suggestion is to use it for price comparison purposes only.  Call around and get estimates.  Once you have an idea of pricing, you can then make a better informed decision with one of the home moving companies that were referred to you.

The home moving process is certainly one of the more tiring experiences, that last thing you need to be dealing with is a moving company that is unprofessional.  However, if you find a good quality moving company, they can make the process of moving less significantly stressful.  For additional information about the moving industry, go here to check out the American Moving & Storage Association.

Now that you know how to find a reputable moving company, go here to see what you need to look for in the moving company quote process.

For more moving tips, check out the video below by professional organizer, Viki Norris.